Battle for Life
In the not too distant future, humanity has developed using artificial intelligence for all things, including autonomous airplanes, domestic robots, soldiers, entertainment, and especially space exploration.
For the sake of safety and strategy, the center of all this intelligence was built on a planet whose main composition is graphene, due to its resistance to impacts.
As the years went by, the artificial intelligence of this planet, called NODE, was learning from humanity and at the same time it started admiring them, it also started hating all living beings in the universe because it saw how much humans used technology to kill, so it came up with a plan to annihilate life on Earth. Using raw materials from their home planet (NODE), they started to develop war machines and send them to all planets, super resistant machines. And the first planet chosen was that of their creators, Earth.
It did not take many machines to generate a trail of destruction across planet Earth. However, seeing humanity being annihilated, the same group of scientists that designed the Artificial Intelligence began another, even more challenging plan. They selected several animals of all species, aquatic, land or air animals. And began a secret study around the world that united technology and biology, thus creating a species of beings with greater intelligence and mastery of the technology of the planet NODE, thus the Terrestrial's.
Every day, in secret bunkers around the world, the scientists modified more animals, turning them into Terrestrial's, to create an army that might one day stand a chance against the TechNodes. Implementing the technology in the animals, they put them in a special capsule, but one day, they realized that they were among the last survivors on the planet. So they decided to wake up the Terrestrial's to defend them because they would be the only humans on earth, with the hope of a possible victory and continuity of humanity.
The Terrestrial's, unlike other animals, were endowed with intelligence, special forces, and most of all, started to be connected to combat mechs, composed of Graphene (the same technology as TechNode) and some pieces composed of gold and bronze, bringing incredible combat abilities.
Format chosen for the mechanics of our game.
Battle For Life is a Battle Royale type of game that runs on the Binance Smart Chain network
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